Makeup and Waxing Services


Makeup artistry is about be19448002106_ffd01552ed_oing able to evolve your style, your technique, and your eye.  True success comes when you are open to change and aware of the world around you.  Our tenured artists are trained by today’s leading cosmetic lines including, MAC Cosmetics, Laura Mercier, and Urban Decay, giving them the know-how, skill and creative tools necessary in accomplishing not only your desired look, but a look that is modern, flawless and polished.  Whether it be soft and natural, to a glamorous tailored evening look, the vast artistic ability that our makeup artists have captured through intense and timely training, makes achieving any look possible.  We take the time to consult with each client, retrieving every detail needed in making you look and feel beautiful.  We show and teach as well as offer precise product recommendations and techniques for you and your needs.  Salon DSK only uses MAC makeup for all makeup applications, ensuring the best quality, wear and finish for you. 

Full Application   $75
Full w/Lashes   $85
Eyes Only   $40
Eyes w/Lashes   $50
Full Strip Lashes   $20
Private Makeup Lessons (1.5 hr)   $95



Salon DSK offers facial hair removal services by means of waxing and or tweezing.  Each artist is trained to provide a beautiful shape and finish as well as provide a sanitized, safe environment for all hair removal services.


waxingservices1-300x287Eyebrows   $15
Upper Lip   $10
Lower Lip   $10
Chin   $10
Hair Line   $10
Cheeks   $12
Ears  $12
Neck  $12
Nose  $12
Sideburns  $12
Full Face Package  $45
Expert Brow Shaping  $35
   Fill with Tutorial


Full Legs   $65
Upper Legs   $45
Lower Legs   $40
Full Back   $50
Lower or Mid Back   $25
Full Chest   $30
Chest Strip  $20
Shoulders  $20
Under Arms  $15
Full Arms  $40
1/2 Arms  $35
Brazilian  $50
Full Bikini  $45
Bikini Line  $40
Inner Thigh  $20
Stomach Strip  $10
Stomach Full   $30
Hands  $10
Toes  $10
Full Butt  $20



Some of our happy makeup clients below!  

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